Organizational Tips for Moving Day

For many people moving means stress, but it doesn’t have to. Here is a list of tips and tricks to make your next move a little smoother:

Clean out clutter before you start packing. Make piles to donate, sell, and trash items, but try not to move items you don’t want to keep.

Pack little by little. Chances are, you know you’re moving at least a month in advance so pack a few boxes each day so you aren’t overwhelmed. Start with the things that you won’t need before you move like decor, books, movies, and off-season clothing.

Put heavy stuff in smaller boxes. A large box full of heavy items is not easy to carry. Store your books in more manageable boxes (or even rolling suitcases) and save the big boxes for light items like blankets and towels.

Use the original boxes. If you kept the boxes for your electronics or kitchenware, repack them for safest and easiest travel.

Take pictures. If you are renting your new place, take pictures of everything before you move in. Make sure to document any flaws so that you can prove they weren’t your fault when you move out.

Use your stuff to pack your stuff. If you don’t have the original packaging that your items came in, use what you do have to keep your items from breaking. Wrap TVs in blankets to protect the screen. Line dishes with towels instead of newspaper which leaves ink residue.

Label your boxes. Write on the box which room it belongs to so that unpacking the truck is a breeze. Take it one step further and make a spreadsheet on your computer listing every item in the box and coordinate it with a number on the box so that you know exactly where to find what you’re looking for as you unpack.

Tape the screws. If you have to take apart anything that uses screws or other small pieces, like bookshelves and other furniture items, place all the small pieces in a ziplock bag and tape the bag to the item so that all pieces stay together.

Pack cleaning supplies. Make sure you have a box of cleaning supplies handy. Clean all the surfaces of your new home before you move in and your old home as you move out.

Pack a personal overnight bag. You won’t get fully unpacked in one night, so have a bag with your essentials (shampoo, toothbrush, clothes, etc) easily accessible for the next day or two. Don’t forget the toilet paper.

Make your checklist. List every service that you use at your old home - utilities, internet, cable, etc - and have them turned off or transferred. Get your mail forwarded a week in advance.

Set up your bedroom first. You need a crash space after an exhausting day of moving and unpacking. Have one room in your house completely set up where you can go relax.

Hire a moving company. Let A+ Student Movers do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your new adventure.

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